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Why should you choose Medinet?

      • Medinet Scheduler is one of the leading suppliers of scheduling systems
      • Medinet offers a spectrum of different services connected to scheduling
      • All services are web-based and can be integrated with each other
      • The services are flexible and can easily be adapted to your clinic’s particular circumstances and needs
      • Minimises scheduling problems and reduces lead times for both users and managers
      • Medinet has always been at the top of user-friendliness lists

What our customers say:

This is a very flexible system and there are many opportunities for clinic-specific adaptations. Medinet is web-based and extremely easy to learn. Now we can even see our personal schedules via mobile apps, and this is greatly appreciated by our doctors.
Mats Hårdstedt, Resident doctor and scheduler for the Anaesthesia Clinic, Falu hospital
The collaboration with Medinet has worked extremely well and our needs and our requests for the system have been taken into account in the development work.
David Åberg, Adjunct professor and senior physician at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg
The system is extremely user-friendly. The staff at Medinet are easy to talk to and they understand our circumstances. It’s always easy to ring or email them.
Mikael Dalén, senior physician and chief scheduler for the orthopaedic clinic, Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg

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